5 fruit & vegetable producers you need to see at WorldFood Moscow

Since sanctions came into place in 2014, Russia’s search for fruit & veg has gone global. That’s why top producers are at WorldFood Moscow 2019.

Fruits and vegetables, including fresh, frozen and processed products, is one of the largest event sectors at every WorldFood Moscow exhibition. You can find them all by viewing this year’s exhibitor list.

Fruit & vegetable producers to visit at WorldFood Moscow 2019

Agrofood – Egypt

Organic produce is quickly becoming a favourite for the health-conscious Russian consumer. It’s here where Egypt’s Agrofood can make a real impact. Since 1992, the company has been pioneering green agricultural practices, ensuring its produce is healthy and pesticide free.

While Agrofood’s key crop is potatoes, it also offers onions, carrots and sweet potatoes – all products that could be considered Egyptian specialties.

At present, Agrofood’s Russian presence is limited. That’s all set to change at WorldFood, as the brand already has substantial trade networks throughout the EU and the Middle East. There’s no reason Agrofood can’t turn its expertise towards the Russian market.

Hoofdam-Roodzant B.V – The Netherlands

This might be an odd choice, given Dutch produce is still under Russian embargo, but it still pays to chat with the experts, ban or no ban. Hoofdam-Roodzant, part of the Olympic Food Group, are certainly experts when it comes to Russia’s fruit & veg market.

With its focus on Russian and emerging markets, such as those in CIS and EEU, Hoofdam-Roodzant knows the ins and outs of local conditions – and which fruit & vegetable varieties will be en vouge with Russian shoppers.

With WorldFood being an internationally focussed event, visitors outside of Russia, as well as their Russian colleagues, could do well by visiting Hoofdam-Roodzant.

BDP Foods – Chile

Chilean food & drink exports to Russia have been growing at a steady 14.3% in recent years. It’s in no small part down to the quality of produce that Chile’s fruit & vegetable companies offer that is fuelling this increase.

BDP Foods acts as a kind of middle man, connecting Chilean farmers and agrocompanies with importers and retailers. It takes a seasonal approach, ensuring that only the freshest vegetables from that season’s crop are harvested and sent to buyers around the world.

In terms of Chilean foodstuffs, BDP represents producers of grapes, kiwis, stone fruits, apples, citrus fruits, and dried foods, to name a few.

Narco Group – Turkey

The Russo-Turkish food & drink trade relationship took a knock a couple of years ago. At the tail end of 2015, a political tussle resulted in Turkish produce facing an EU-like embargo in Russia. Forget those days, because Turkish fruit & vegetables is back in Russia in a big way.

Narco Group, Turkish specialists in cherries and pomegranates, certainly has its eyes set on the Russian market. Founded in 2010, giving a taste of Antalya to Russian consumers, Narco focusses on supplying a high quality of fruit to Russia.

What’s more, Narco uses organic fertilisers sourced from the hearty Black Sea region to provide the nutrients for its healthy produce. 

Moldova Fruct – Moldova

Moldova is in an enviable position in Russia right now. It’s one of the few European countries that can still export its fruit & vegetable harvest to Russian exporters. Sometimes not being an EU member state pays off.

Moldova Fruct is the fruit producers and exporters association of Moldova. Representing more than 170 members, a large number of products is covered by Moldova Fruct. In particular, apples, pears, plumbs and cherries are something of a speciality here.

It also offers a wide variety of processed fruit products, ranging from juices and jams to concentrates, purees and nectars, opening up a universe of Moldovan produce.

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