Five fish and seafood suppliers you need to see at WorldFood Moscow

When it comes to fish and seafood, whether fresh or frozen, some of the most recognised and established suppliers will be joining the exhibitor list at WorldFood Moscow this September.

We’ve profiled five of the companies making their mark in the fish and seafood market, but there will be far more international exhibitors to check out at Crocus Expo in September.

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The fish and seafood suppliers to visit at WorldFood Moscow 2019

Fisher Farms – Philippines

Made up of more than 7,100 islands, the Philippines is the ideal place for aquaculture and marine fisheries. As a pioneer in the processing of aquaculture products, Fisher Farms supplies a wide range of premium quality fresh, frozen and completely processed seafood products to companies around the world. From supermarkets to fast food chains, restaurants and hotels, Fisher Farms presents to key markets globally, including USA, Canada, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Australia and Europe.

Fisher Farms primarily supplies bangus and milkfish products, but the business is also building on the growth and processing of other species including tilapia, pompano and shrimp. The milkfish are grown in the waters of Pangasinan in northern Philippines; the saltwater ensures a sweeter, firmer and more flavourful fish than those grown in ponds.

With state-of-the-art freezing technology, world-class smoke houses and spices from all over the world, Fisher Farms products combine fantastic quality and flavour.

Salmontini Trading – United Arab Emirates

Salmontini Trading, or Salmontin Le Fumoir, was established more than twenty years ago by Joe Bassili, who learned the art of smoking salmon alongside the Masters of the Trade in Scotland. The brand only uses salmon that has been sourced from the freshest waters, relying on traditional methods to manually cure, smoke and hand-slice the salmon.

Fish from Salmontini are caught from the Scottish Isles, where they are then flown on ice twice weekly to the smoke house in Dubai – after being boned, filleted and hand-packaged.

From a lightly salted and cured salmon, to wafer thin slices that have been smoked using oak wood, the products from Salmontini are sold to five-star hotels, award-winning chefs and food connoisseurs all over the world. The traditional techniques used by the team at Salmontini mean that all salmon is filleted with patience and delicacy before its packed and distributed.

Tripacific Marine – Fiji

Fijian seafood supplier, Tripacific Marine, exports pacific fresh and frozen tuna and tuna products worldwide. With unprecedented access to some of the best fishing waters in the South Pacific, the fish are wild caught in dolphin-safe areas by long line vessels that have freezer facilities onboard to maintain freshness as soon as fish are caught.

What’s on offer from Tripacific Marine? Products include albacore tuna, yellow fin tuna, bigeye tuna, skipjack tuna, wahoo, mahi mahi, opah, sail, spear, sword, marlin, opah and escolar. The company also exports premium quality sashimi tuna loins to Japan, as well as processing tuna for other major international tuna suppliers.

The Tripacific Marine processing plant in Fiji is HACCP certified and accredited to FDA ad EU, which means the company can export its products to the US and European markets.

Food Partners Patagonia – Argentina

Food Partners Patagonia covers all stages of the value chain, from fishing to custom conditioning, cold chain management and export. The company is made up of a team of 300 professionals who all specialise in the different stages of the industrial processes. This experience means each client gets the best out of the premium quality products from Food Partners Patagonia.

The company offers its customers, which vary from major distribution brands to international buyers, a customised service and product straight from the cold waters of Patagonia. The fish on offer include red shrimp, centolla, and hake, all packed full of flavour and freshness from the Patagonian Sea.
Food Partners Patagonia also uses technology to remotely track your order with the strictest respect for local and international regulations regarded controlled fishing, so you have peace of mind every step of the way.

Fuzhou Beautiful Agricultural Development – China

Fuzhou Beautiful Agricultural Development, as well as its own brand Hello Seaweed, is a professional manufacturer and exporter of seaweed products out of China. The company has been operating since 2003 and predominantly exports spirulina, chlorella, sea kelp, wakame and a series of powders for both food and feed.

As our love for green juices and superfoods grows, it’s no surprise that Fuzhou Beautiful Agricultural Development has a firm foothold in the seaweed product market. The products, which are HACCP, FDA and Organic certified, are sold across Russia, USA, Ukraine, the UK, Italy, Thailand and more.

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