Global retail star Walter Robb comes to Russia for the first time at WorldFood Moscow

Walter Robb, founder of US based Whole Foods Markets, makes his Russian keynote debut at WorldFood Moscow 2019.

He will be leading the conversation in our focus sessions “How to Get Ahead of the Competition and Create Added Value in Products and Stores”.

Walter Robb founded Whole Foods alongside John Makey in 1991, serving as CEO until 2016. Following Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods, Walter is now engaged in new organic food projects.

He is still a member of the Whole Foods Board of Directors, and heads the Whole Kids Foundation and Whole Cities Foundation charitable funds.

Ken Cook, President non-profit Environmental Working Group, says: “Organic food production was the first green industry United States, and that is in no small part down to Walter Robb.”

Whole Food Markets are network is represented in the USA, UK and Canada. Its one of the most expensive and globally recognised brands in the food industry. The stores offer a wide range of organic products, free from hydrogenated fats, artificial colours and conservatives.

“How to Get Ahead of the Competition and Create Added Value in Products and Stores” will take place on September 25 at 15:00. Denis Vasiliev, Vice President of the Russian Association of Retal Market Experts (RAERR) will be moderating.

See the full programme below.

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