Infographic: Confectionery in Russia

Russia’s confectionery sector is worth massive sums – and is wide open to imports.

From chocolate to sugar candies, cakes to baked goods, if it’s sweet, Russians will eat it.

Crucially confectionery is not one of the sectors under import sanction in Russia. That means producers in the EU and other sanctioned states are free to export as much as demand necessitates.

Check out the infographic below to find what candies Russians are buying, how much they ship in from overseas every year – and where your opportunities are.

Your opportunities in Russia's confectionery market

Infographic: Russia's confectionery market

WorldFood Moscow: gateway to Russia's food & drink market

WorldFood Moscow, the largest food & drink exhibition in Russia and the CIS, is the place to meet the buyers searching for chocolate, sugary sweets, baked goods and all confectionery items.

Over 30,000 professionals, from specialist importers, catering companies, HoReCa sector members, retailers, and wholesalers attend each show – all looking to increase their supplies of key foodstuffs and meet their manufacturers.

As an exhibitor, WorldFood Moscow provides the perfect platform for you to enter the Russian food supply chain, start exporting, and grow your sales in a $26 billion import market – $40bn for the whole CIS.

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