Introducing the WorldFood Moscow 2019 Business Programme

In 2019, WorldFood Moscow moves to its new home, Crocus Expo, and brings with it an exciting array of business events.

Visitors will find more than 1,600 food & drink manufacturers from 65 countries with 64 national pavilions represented at the event.

As ever, WorldFood Moscow will be presenting an extensive Business Programme. Here, industry experts will be diving deep into the key issues facing suppliers, retailers and other industry professionals. 

It’s a networking meeting point for Russia’s food & drink sector, as well as major knowledge-sharing hub. Here’s what to expect in 2019.

The WorldFood Moscow 2019 Business Programme

What the food & drink experts will be talking about

Across the event’s four days, the Business Programme will be split across three venues:

• Food Business Leaders Forum
• WorldFood Retail Academy
• Tea & Coffee Market

A wide range of topics is up for discussion, covering the most pressing issues facing the food business in Russia, including:

• How to attract and retain customers?
• How to learn from competitors and create added value for products and retail outlets without resorting to constant discounts?
• How are the strategies of the largest market players changing, and what do market leaders offer customers to keep their loyalty?

As well as these broader questions, we’ll be going into detail on some specific sectors, such as:

• Confectionery - global and Russian sector developments
• Organic & health food – new opportunities & new market niches
• Fresh fruits & vegetables – new developments in the industry
• Fish & seafood – Best practices in Russia and worldwide trends
• Dairy products – Global trends and growth drivers for the dairy category
• Tea & Coffee market in Russia – Trends, case studies, and sector development forecasts
• Halal as a business – Specifics of the Russian market

For the sixth time, the International Fresh Fruit & Vegetables Conference will be taking place at WorldFood Moscow this year. As ever, this will be focussing on how suppliers and buyers can make the most of Russia’s fruit & vegetable market, as well as how companies can gain a competitive advantage in a crowded market place.

Who will be at the Business Programme?

The pool of experts is truly stellar this year. More than 50 guest speakers and keynotes will be there, including:

• Vladimir Kashin - Chairman, State Duma Committee on Agrarian Affairs
• Lev Khasis – First Deputy Chairman of the Board, Sberbank of Russia
• Martin Schumacher – CEO, Metro C&C
• Alexey Vasilchuk - Founder, Chaykhona No.1 Depot, Moscow
• Nathan Watts – Creative Director, FITCH UK
• Marita Koskinen - Deputy General Director, Prisma
• Leonid Kim – Managing Director, Magnolia
• Jens Frerihs – Purchasing Manager, Selgros

Special events to watch out for

As well as the above topics, we have some special conferences and talks worthy of your attention.

On September 26, Evgenia Shamis, Founder and Coordinator of the RuGenerations - Russian School of Theory of Generations Project, will be presenting a unique workshop focussing on the consumers of the future.

Products of the Future for Generations X, Y & Z focuses on how to reach a new generation of consumers. Gen Y is already very tech savvy, and use a combination of devices and outlets to do grocery shopping. With that in mind, we’ll be discussing how to reach these customers, and what packaging and promotion solutions can be employed to keep them coming back over the next 10 years.

September 27 will see Vadim Korsunsky, Vice President for International Development at Mania Business Solutions, present how retailers and suppliers can provide additional value for their products in intelligence ways too.

See the full Business Programme

You can view the whole agenda, including topics and guest speakers, here.

Remember, you’ll need to become a WorldFood Moscow visitor to experience all this and more at this year’s event. Click here to get your ticket.