Russia food & drink market updates: June 2018 FIFA World Cup Special

At the time of writing it’s June 2018 – which means the 2018 FIFA World Cup is just about to kick off! Russia is this year’s host nation. The country is going football mad, and the food & drink sector is no different.

Let’s take a look at what’s occurring in Russia right now – and how the biggest football tournament in the world is affecting food and drink trade this June.

Russia food & drink news roundup


Russian cheesemaker to trial dairy products with World Cup fans

As the most famous soccer contest rolls into town, Russian food makers are keen to get their products in the hands, and stomachs, of World Cup revellers. Oleg Sirota, who owns a creamery just outside of Moscow, is keen to test how his cheeses have developed since the 2014 ban on dairy imports. Russian producers have had to kick up the quality of their domestically made goods, in order to meet the demands of a picky, taste-conscious population. Now, Mr. Sirota is ready to unleash his versions of tilsiter, parmesan and gouda cheese on tournament attendees – especially European fans.

We will be testing our cheese on football fans who are coming to the World Cup. There will be lots of them, the French national team will be staying two kilometres away from us," Mr. Sirota told the Associated Press. "I hope that even the most sophisticated clients won't tell our cheese from European ones.”

Argentinian football team brings three tons of produce to Russian training camp

Getting to the World Cup finals is an achievement in itself. Surviving all the rounds and making it to the grand final is another. Argentina, national team of global superstar Lionel Messi, is certainly preparing for a long successful tournament – or so its food supplies would suggest. The Argentine national team is bringing three tons of produce with it to the tournament – and chefs to cook it with. “The national team brought with it all the traditional food for Argentina: beef, pork, dulce de leche, mate, etc,” Argentina’s ambassador to Russia, Ricardo Lagorio, told the TASS news agency. “There are about three tons of products in Bronnitsy from Argentina, the chefs who will cook for the team have already arrived in Bronnitsy.”

As well as stacks of meats, cheeses, and coffee, the Argentine team is preparing to live the high life during the World Cup. The team’s Bronnitsty training base is located roughly 25 miles from Moscow, and is amongst the most advanced and luxurious sports facilities in Russia. In addition to the sleeping quarters, it boasts an Olympic-sized swimming pool, two Jacuzzis, three saunas, and a games room.

Moscow restaurant group embraces World Cup fever

Coffeemania, a 17-chain Moscow-based restaurant group, is getting into the World Cup spirit by enhancing its menu with tournament-themed dishes. The brand has created a selection of sweet and savoury dishes it hopes will appeal to foreign football fans and locals alike. Diners can choose from a “Hat Trick” hummus of beet, avocado, and pumpkin with greens, brynza cheese, cucumber and bell peppers, or the “Striker” burger topped with lettuce, truffle-flavoured coleslaw, and fried Brussel sprouts. Dessert comes in the form of a vanilla, raspberry, and lemon “Football” sponge cake. Coffeemania is also stocking Taittinger: Official Champagne of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Two cocktails have been devised to tempt tournament travels to Coffeemania’s outlets: “A refreshing Kir Royal with house-made black currant syrup and The Garden Brut, with elderberry liqueur, lemon juice and fresh cucumbers.”