WorldFood Moscow 2018: 5 Exhibitors to Watch… Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Russia’s beverage habits are shifting, as fruit flavours, healthy drinks, and flavoured waters come into focus. With that in mind, the international WorldFood Moscow food and drink exhibition is presenting an outstanding array of international and drinks manufacturers. Here are five must-sees at the show in 2018.

Visit these 5 drinks manufacturers at WorldFood Moscow 2018

Cape Natural Tea Products - South Africa 
Cape Natural Tea Products focus on three main objectives: partnership, progression and preservation. The company offers a high-quality mixture of tea blends and can specify product requirements for individual customers too.
Since 1996, Cape Natural Tea Products have become leaders in the South African tea business. 
Ensuring that they continue to grow their extensive range of African complimentary herbal tea blends and Intaba Tea of Africa, their branded products are made from a natural range of Rooibos tea blended with African herbal teas.
Conventional, organic, caffeine free or rich in antioxidants – Whatever it may be, Cape Natural Tea Products has something for everyone. So, visit their stand to find out more.
Nam Viet Foods and Beverage Co. Ltd - Vietnam
Nam Viet Food and Beverage began with a desire to introduce the taste of Vietnamese beverages throughout the world. Located in tropical climes, the company has the advantage of easy access to fresh tropical fruits, such as dragon fruit, papaya, lychee, coconut; the list goes on. 
Their beverages are both natural and nutritious – ideally suited for the more health-conscious Russian consumer.
Now exporting to more than 145 countries worldwide, Nam Viet Foods and Beverage rapidly conquered the trust of their clients from the very first order due to exceptional quality control. Their main goal is to ensure that client satisfaction is maintained.
Visit them at WorldFood Moscow 2018 to find out if Nam Viet is keeping its promise.
Sambu Group – Singapore 
First introduced to Indonesia and Singapore, Kara UHT Coconut Cream from the Sambu Group filled a market niche for buyers looking for a convenient and hygienic coconut product for authentic Asian cuisines and drinks. 
Sambu Group takes pride in using the freshest handpicked coconuts from their company-owned plantation in Sumatra, Indonesia. 
Known as the coconut specialists, the Group offers a variety of coconut products to suit different lifestyles and culinary needs. Not only do they offer fresh coconut beverages ideal for drinking they also have a range of flavoured waters and creams to use as ingredients. 
Part Sazan Coffee – Iran 
Part Sazan Coffee in Iran is the largest producer of coffee to the Middle East. In 2009, the brand launched export operations, shipping various kinds of brewed, instant coffee and coffee mixes worldwide. 
Its factory is operated by more than 200 skilled employees who have been trained in the world’s top best coffee production facilities. 
Part Sazan’s production process begins with the arrival of the raw green coffee beans, which undergo a thorough process of cleaning, heating and roasting, grinding, extraction, clarification and evaporation to produce the most luxurious instant coffee powder.
Overall Multi Café products are made from the best-quality green beans using high end technology. If you are looking to work with a professional company producing high quality instant coffee, then look no further than Part Sazan Coffee – Multi Café. 
Altai Group – Russia
The Altai Group are the producers of Avita Cranberry, a delicious, healthy drink packed full of antioxidants. With a total of 7 calories per 250ml serving, Avita Cranberry is described as the perfect drink before, during and after exercise. 
The product contains an extract of Hawaiian coffee berries which is a very powerful natural antioxidant. In order to produce Avita Cranberry the technology used is known as “hot filling” allowing the abandonment of preservatives offering a tasty alternative to harmful sugar-containing beverages.
If you have further questions about how the Altai Group have produced a low calorie, healthy drink then visit Russia’s own Altai Group at this year’s WorldFood Moscow advent.

This is only a taste of the action on offer an WorldFood Moscow. Discover more at the show!

1,516 companies from 62 countries, and 44 national pavilions will be at this year’s events.  
WorldFood Moscow offers brands across all sectors of the food and drink industry from tea and coffee, fruit and vegetables as well as dairy products. 
This year WorldFood Moscow is celebrating its 27th International Food Exhibition, so come and join the celebrations.