Exhibitor Feedback

Yuri Fale, Executive Director, Moldova Fruct

«We are participating in the exhibition for the tenth year in a row. This exhibition is very important for us because the Russian market is one of the traditional ones, and our fruits are in great demand. The exhibition is international, many foreign companies are participating, which allows leading manufacturers to bring new products to the market and meet the demand of consumers in different regions of Russia and in neighboring countries. We expect that the exhibition will be successful, a lot of companies with whom we have established contacts on the WorldFood Moscow platform will come to us for negotiations».

Mario Pezzetti, Сommercial Manager Rigoloccio

«Despite all the conditions of the pandemic, the Russian market is very important for us. Therefore, we present our products at the WorldFood Moscow exhibition. The exhibition is very large-scale, and we try to participate every year. We are looking for new contacts, new clients, and at the exhibition we manage to find it».

Rasul Bidishov, company representative, Azerstar

«Once again, we are participating in the WorldFood Moscow exhibition, and every year we find new clients and conclude new agreements. The exhibition is large, and even in bad times, a lot of people visit it».

Maxim Evdoshenko, Branch Director, Kuhmaster

«We have been participating in the exhibition for several years already, and it brings us only positive moments: business atmosphere, meetings with potential clients, attracting new clients, meetings with existing partners. The exhibition is very necessary, as our company is constantly looking for new sales markets and expanding its presence. We will continue to participate in the exhibition further!»

Ekaterina Kravchuk, CEO, Samara-Product

«This is not the first time we have participated in WorldFood Moscow, and we love it very much. The exhibition is useful for us because we find a lot of partners, both Russian and foreign. We also meet with our clients, sign new contracts. There are a lot of representatives from the regions at this exhibition, there are many collective stands, and it is very useful for us to look at our colleagues».

Omar Sultanov, Managing Partner, NEO Product

«We participate at WorldFood Moscow every year. This allows us to meet with our partners, negotiate with them, see market trends, what competitors are producing, where demand is moving. This is a very useful event, without which, probably, our activity would have a completely different scale».

Olga Shekhova, Head of Network Clients Department, Viking Fish Processing Company

«The exhibition is a significant event for us, we carefully prepare for it: we prepare new recipes, products that we present at the exhibition. Previously, we participated in a collective stand, but, of course, the effect of a mono-product is higher. Visitors who come to the stand are interested in our products, and already onsite we signed several contracts».

Pavel Vishnevsky, Executive Director, Eastex

«We are participating in the exhibition for the first time. And the great interest of potential customers on the very first day, in the very first hours, does not allow us to sit down even for a minute. I recommend this exhibition, because in addition to Russian suppliers and visitors, I also see here a lot of foreign».

Dmitry Dubovik, CEO, Tuapse Commercial Sea Port

«We have been participating for several years already. The exhibition gives us the opportunity to present our services, conclude new contracts, renew old contacts. This is the meeting place that every year gives us the opportunity to develop. Thanks to participation in the 2019 exhibition, by this year we have doubled».

Anton Chenash, Head of the Moscow division, Aybarus

«We have been participating in the exhibition for 14 years in a row and are sponsors of the exhibition. This exhibition is very important for both suppliers and retailers. Manufacturers have a lot of good stands, products can be evaluated on the spot. There are also dialogues with retail, which also has a very positive effect. Many regions, foreign countries are represented at the exhibition, and it is very pleasant to cooperate with them».

Djamshid Zufarov, Top Manager Eco Fruit

«I liked the exhibition very much. Many people, many professionals. We exchanged contacts, agreed on further cooperation. All four days of the exhibition were active, there were a lot of clients, they did not even have time to serve everyone on time».