Fish & Seafood

Fish & Seafood is one of the main sectors of World Food Moscow

124 companies from 14 countries

Visitors with top decision-making authority: More than 29 000 of wholesalers and retailers visited the exhibition – 84% make decisions or influence on making decisions

Overview of fish and seafood sector: Full range of fish and seafood products

Innovative and inspiring: Tasting contest, new product showcase, theme conferences
*based on WorldFood Moscow 2017 exhibition data

Fish & Seafood is one of the main sectors of World Food Moscow, the International Food & Drinks Exhibition, and presents a full range of products from raw materials to finished delicacies.


  • Live and chilled fish
  • Frozen fish
  • Salted fish
  • Cured and dried fish
  • Smoked fish products
  • Balyk products
  • Caviar
  • Fish preserves
  • Semi-finished fish products
  • Seafood
  • Packaging equipment and materials
  • Industrial and commercial equipment

Participation in the exhibition

For participation, please contact Tony Higginson
By tel. +44 (0) 207 596 5093 or email

выставка рыбыпоставщики рыбы и морепродуктов
производители рыбы и морепродуктовдистрибьюторы рыбы и морепродуктов