WorldFood Moscow is the largest international autumn food exhibition in Russia, the major place for meetings and sharing best practices among Russian and foreign food market leaders.

When: 19 – 22 September 2023
Where: Moscow, Crocus Expo, pavilion 3, halls 14 and 15

For advice how to get to WorldFood Moscow 2023, venue and the opening hours, please click here.

WorldFood Moscow 2022food exhibition in Moscow

Who takes part in WorldFood Moscow?

Leading food manufacturers and suppliers offer a wide range of food products at WorldFood Moscow.
*WorldFood Moscow 2021 statistics

Participation in WorldFood Moscow is your chance to:
  • Present new products to a vast audience and see competitive proposals
  • Meet in person and negotiate with top managers of leading businesses in the international food market;
  • Find new partners or clients and sign agreements of cooperation;
  • Boost your sales and expand your geographic coverage;
  • Confirm your image of a reliable food manufacturer or supplier, and increase your brand awareness.

Foreign participants of the WorldFood Moscow 2021 represented 31 countries. Azerbaijan, Burundi, Egypt, Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Korea, Serbia, Peru, Poland, Slovakia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Czech Republic, Chile and Sri Lanka presented their national stands.

Please view the archive list of WorldFood Moscow 2021 exhibitors here.

Food exhibition WorldFood MoscowFood exhibition in Moscow 2022

Who visit WorldFood Moscow?

WorldFood Moscow is attended by wholesalers and retailers, catering and food service providers, HoReCa sector members, as well as food and beverage manufacturers.
*WorldFood Moscow 2021 statistics

Visiting WorldFood Moscow is your chance to:
  • See new food products and learn about the food market trends;
  • Communicate face-to-face with the largest global and Russian food and beverage manufacturers and establish useful contacts;
  • Meet with your previous partners and discuss specific decisions suitable for your business;
  • Find new manufacturers and suppliers and negotiate supply of food products;
  • Compare products and services on the market and enter into contracts right at the exhibition, with no middlemen involved.

WorldFood Moscow Food Exhibition 2021 was visited by executives, deputy executives, managers and specialists of such companies as Azbuka Vkusa, Auchan, Billa, VkusVill, Globus, Delikateska.ru, Dixy, Komandor, Krasnoe i Beloe, Lenta, Magnit, Magnolia, Miratorg, O'KEY, Perekrestok, Pyaterochka, Utkonos, Food City, Shokoladnitsa, Yandex Shop, Metro Cash&Carry, Ozon, Spar, X5 Retail Group, and others.

Among the visitors of international autumn food and drink exhibition WorldFood Moscow 2021:

  • 95% influence the decision to purchase products presented at the exhibition;
  • 74% came to find new suppliers and business partners;
  • 68% visited the ehxibition to find products and services for their business and to obtain industry information.

Food exhibition Moscow 2022Food exhibition 2022

WorldFood Moscow Sectors

Exhibition area of WorldFood Moscow includes 16 sectors:

  • Fish & Seafood: live, refrigerated, frozen, salted and smoked fish, caviar, canned and semi-finished food, seafood, raw and aquaculture products, equipment for fish and seafood production.
  • Cheese & Dairy products: milk and cream, canned dairy, curdled dairy products, butter, cheeses, and ice cream.
  • Meat, Poultry & Eggs: fresh poultry and game, meat by-products, prepackaged meat, sausages, smoked meats, deli meats, semi-finished products, eggs, and egg products.
  • Frozen, Convenience & Ready-to-eat Food: frozen meat and fish products, dough, frozen vegetables, fruits and berries, ready-to-eat food, sandwiches and salads.
  • Healthy & Organic Food: organic and bio products, honey, baby, sports, dietary and diabetic food, gluten-free products, dietary supplements.
  • Fruit & Vegetables: fresh and processed vegetables, fruits, berries, and mushrooms.
  • Canned Food: meat, fish, milk, fruit and vegetables.
  • Fats, Oils & Sauces: vegetable oils, mayonnaises, ketchups, sauces, fats and margarines, spreads.
  • Grocery: cereals, flour, pasta, sugar, starch, spices, seasonings, salts, snacks, chips, croutons, dried seafood, nuts, dried fruits, breakfast cereals, instant foods, food concentrates, and additives.
  • Confectionery & Bakery: candies, chocolate and cocoa products, oriental sweets, halva, marmalade, marshmallows, bakery, flour and dietary confectionery, frozen and semi-finished products, chewing gum, ingredients and food additives, New Year gifts.
  • Tea & Coffee: loose and pressed tea, tea drinks, whole grain, ground, freeze-dried and instant coffees, coffee substitutes, and coffee drinks.
  • Soft Drinks: low alcohol and powdered drinks, juices and nectars, mineral water.
  • Alcoholic Drinks: wine, beer, low-alcohol beverages, and liquors.
  • Halal — food permitted in Islam and prepared under a certain quality control system that prohibits the use of genetically modified ingredients and many food additives.
  • Non-food: packaging, equipment and e-commerce services, logistics, transport and financial services, software, pet food, food advertising, goods, services and technologies for cooking and storage, workwear and canteen linen, household chemicals, and many other products.
  • Ingredients.

Food exhibition WorldFood Moscow 2022Food exhibition 2022 in Moscow


WorldFood Moscow Business Programme

The WorldFood Moscow exhibition features a rich and varied four-day business programme, with forums, analytical and practical sessions, plenary discussions, and conferences.
*WorldFood Moscow 2021 statistics

Traditionally, the key business events of the exhibition are Food Business Leader Forum and WorldFood Retail Academy. Experts and leading figures of the food industry exchange experience in dealing with vital retail tasks, study successful cases, present realistic statistics, talk about food market trends and hold practical sessions on the development of such categories as Fresh Fruit and Vegetables, Fish and Seafood, Confectionery, Healthy Lifestyle, Organic Food and the Future of Eating, Dairy Products and Cheeses.

In 2021, the WorldFood Moscow business section gathered together all the leaders of Russian food retail: top managers of Metro Cash & Carry, VkusVill, Lenta, Perekrestok, Pyaterochka, and other major food companies.

Please learn more about the WorldFood Moscow business programme here.

International food exhibition 2022Food exhibition WorldFood Moscow 2022

Government and Industry Support for WorldFood Moscow

The International Food Exhibition WorldFood Moscow is a landmark event on the Russian food market. WorldFood Moscow is supported by both government agencies and specialized commercial and non-commercial organizations. The WorldFood Moscow exhibition is officially supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, State Duma of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Russian Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance, Committee on Agrarian and Food Policy and Environmental Management of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Department of Trade and Services of the Government of Moscow, Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Moscow Region, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, National Union of Milk Producers “Soyuzmoloko”, Agencia Comercial Rusa – Latinoamericana (ACORLA), Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Foundation, ICE Agency, embassies of the Kyrgyz Republic, Egypt, Moldova, and Kazakhstan in the Russian Federation. Exhibition also receives information support from the key industrial media.