The assortment of the Soft drinks section at the WorldFood Moscow exhibition:

  • Mineral water
  • Juices, nectars, smoothies
  • Morse, jelly
  • Kvass
  • Carbonated drinks and lemonades
  • Dry mixes for making drinks
  • Energetic drinks
  • Iced tea/coffee
  • Non-alcoholic beer and wine
  • Other non-alcoholic drinks

20,115 specialists from retail, wholesale chains, the public catering sector, as well as food and beverage manufacturers visited the WorldFood Moscow exhibition in 2023. 18% among them (3 621 visitors) were interested in the Soft drinks sector.

Soft drinks and water
Fruit juices and concentrates

Exhibitos and visitors of the Soft drinks section have the opportunity to:

  • sign new cooperation contracts
    Distributors, representatives of retail chains, catering enterprises visit the exhibition to find new partners among manufacturers of soft drinks, juices and nectars, mineral water, non-alcoholic drinks.

  • go into business with foreign partners
    Foreign manufacturers use the non-alcoholic products exhibition to expand the sales geography on the Russian market.

  • assess the market potential of commodity items
    it is possible during 4 days of the food exhibition WorldFood Moscow to determine which juices, nectars and other non-alcoholic drinks are in the greatest demand.