The assortment of the Fish and seafood section at the WorldFood Moscow exhibition:

  • Live and chilled fish
  • Frozen fish
  • Seafood
  • Salted fish and smoked meats
  • Dried and stocked fish and seafood
  • Caviar
  • Fish preserves and semi-finished products
  • Canned fish and seafood
  • Other fish products

WorldFood Moscow 2023 was visited by 20,115 directors and purchasing managers of wholesalers, retailers and the public catering sector. 23% (4 687) of visitors were interested in the products presented in the Fish and Seafood section.

Seafood and fish
Caviar and fish preserves

Exhibitors and visitors of the Fish and seafood section have the opportunity to:

  • discuss the terms of cooperation with potential partners
    Leading manufacturers and suppliers of fish, caviar, seafood, equipment, technologies and products for growing, harvesting and processing fish annually exhibit at the WorldFood Moscow to discuss the details of cooperation with representatives of wholesalers, retail chains and stores, restaurants and public catering establishments. Manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of fish and seafood are preparing current offers for the new season for the exhibition.

  • present your company in the fish and seafood market, as well as talk about new brands and products
    One of the goals of the majority of WorldFood Moscow exhibitors is to represent the company in the fish and seafood market, strengthen the image of a reliable manufacturer or supplier, inform the industry about its capabilities and bring new products and services to the market.

  • communicate with potential customers and sign new contracts
    The WorldFood Moscow exhibition is an ideal place for business communication. Participation in WorldFood Moscow helps companies increase sales and enter new markets.