The assortment of the Grocery section at the WorldFood Moscow exhibition:

  • Cereals
  • Flour
  • Pasta
  • Sugar and starch
  • Spices, seasonings and salt
  • Snacks, potato chips and crackers
  • Dried seafood
  • Nuts and dried fruits
  • Cereals (porridge, muesli, corn flakes)
  • Instant foods (soups, mashed potatoes)
  • Food concentrates and additives

The WorldFood Moscow 2022 exhibition was visited by 18,547 representatives of wholesale and retail companies, catering enterprises, the HoReCa sector, as well as food manufacturers. 31% of them (5,686 people) were interested in the products presented in the Grocery section.

637 companies took part in the exhibition. 138 Russian and foreign manufacturers and suppliers presented grocery products at the WorldFood Moscow exhibition, 80 companies — nuts and dried fruits.

Nuts and dried fruits

Exhibitors and visitors of the Grocery section have the opportunity to:

  • assess the market potential of products
    The Grocery section at the WorldFood Moscow exhibition is a unique opportunity for manufacturers of pasta, cereals, flour, sugar, starch, spices, seasonings, salt, snacks, chips, croutons, dried seafood, nuts, dried fruits, dry breakfasts, instant foods, food concentrates and additives to assess the market potential of the presented commodity items.

  • present new products
    The autumn food exhibition WorldFood Moscow takes place at the end of the agricultural season. This is the best time to present new grocery products.

  • agree on supplies
    Leading Russian and foreign manufacturers of cereals, pasta, sugar, dried fruits prepare commercial offers for representatives of wholesale companies and retail chains by September. A wide range of products helps to create the most suitable grocery shelf for stores of various formats.

  • expand the sales geography
    Foreign and Russian manufacturers and suppliers of cereals, flour, pasta, cereals, dried fruits use the exhibition to promote their grocery products on the Russian market.