The assortment of the Organic & Healthy Food section at the WorldFood Moscow exhibition:

  • Organic products and bio products, including honey
  • Baby food
  • Sports nutrition
  • Diet food
  • Gluten free products
  • Dietary supplements
  • Diabetic nutrition
  • Plant meat proucts
  • Plant milk products

In 2023, the WorldFood Moscow exhibition was visited by 20,115 specialists of wholesale and retail trade, the public catering sector, food manufacturers, representatives of online platforms. 23% (4 707) of visitors were interested in products presented in the Organic & Healthy Food section.

Organic products
Healthy food

Exhibitors and visitors of the Organic & Healthy Food section have the opportunity to:

  • evaluate the situation on the organic market and get acquainted with the main products of the section
    Organic products are in increasing demand among consumers, as is nutrition that helps maintain a healthy lifestyle. Every day new organic products appear on store shelves. It`s possible to get acquainted with the situation on the organic market at WorldFood Moscow.

  • present organic products to the target audience
    The exhibition of healthy food products is visited by representatives of wholesale trade, retail chains and catering enterprises. The goal of WorldFood Moscow visitors is to conclude contracts with manufacturers of eco-foods and products for special nutrition.

  • conclude contracts with Russian and foreign suppliers
    Russian and foreign manufacturers of healthy food products use the exhibition to promote their products to the Russian market. First of all, suppliers are interested in finding distributors of their organic products.

  • evaluate the market potential of the presented commodity items
    Exhibitors and visitors of the WorldFood Moscow exhibition have the opportunity to assess the real demand for specific products on the organic market.

As part of the WorldFood Moscow exhibition, the WorldFood ORGANIC competition is held. It`s aimed at developing the organic products market in Russia, as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle and respect for the environment. The declared priorities of the competition correspond to the ESG principles followed by the autumn food and drink exhibition WorldFood Moscow.