Exhibitor feedback

Alexey Volochay, General Director, "Agronom-Sad"

«A very good format, a very good place: Moscow is the center of business innovation. Therefore, there are a lot of new tools and unexpected contacts that will allow us to find new opportunities for developing our business. This exhibition is perhaps the most effective in terms of the volume of business communications, new and very productive».

Dmitry Kravchenko, Project Manager, Fund "Organica"

«At WorldFood exhibition, we made the first collective stand of organic producers. And we have only positive impressions, a lot of manufacturers, a lot of guests, who are interested in our products. Every day we have huge number of visitors at each manufacturer».

Tatiana Onistranenko, Sales Manager, MP-Technologies

«This is the place where all participants of the food industry meet. First of all, of course, these are manufacturers, these are importers and exporters, and this is retail. In addition, you are very actively pulling up other partners in the industry. For food producers, for whom marketplaces have not yet been opened, they see new opportunities for digital retail at this exhibition».

Batmanov Mikhail, Commercial director, LLC "Kuban Product Company"

«There are a lot of people, I would even say more than last year. Many new markets, many new partners, many new contacts. In this regard, the exhibition is very pleased. Do not be afraid of new challenges, new obstacles, let's work together to make business successful for everyone».


«We are very pleased to represent our company here, because through such exhibitions our business relations will move to the level that we plan».

Ilker Keskin, Owner, General manager, KESKIN MAKINE

«For 5 or 6 years Keskin Makine has been participating in WorldFood Moscow. WorldFood Moscow is one of the exhibitions that we choose in the first place. Sales of our equipment at the exhibition exceeded all expectations. We received a lot of very important interesting feedback. That is why we plan to open a branch in Russia. We are trying to further develop our business, and WorldFood Moscow has made a significant contribution to this».