New launch of WorldFood Moscow: what`s new in 2023?

WorldFood Moscow is an International Autumn Food and Drink Exhibition

The WorldFood Moscow exhibition annually gathers more than 1,000 food producers from Russia and foreign countries and more than 18,000 buyers from wholesale and retail chains and HoReCa enterprises on one site.

In 2023, the WorldFood Moscow exhibition will be held September 19-22 at Crocus Expo in halls 14 and 15 (pavilion 3).

Responding to the demand of the market, in 2023 WorldFood Moscow will equally present opportunities to enter two distribution channels at once — retail and HoReCa. Thanks to new special projects and activities, each manufacturer will be able to choose the format of product presentation that best suits its goals, and visitors will see and compare products in the real context of consumption.

The key advantage and value of the WorldFood Moscow 2023 exhibition is the coverage of all distribution channels for food products and the ability to comprehensively solve business problems on one site in just 4 days.


During all four days, the WorldFood Moscow 2023 exhibition will be accompanied by a business programme consisting of forums, analytical and practical sessions, plenary discussions and conferences.

Traditionally, within the framework of the WorldFood Moscow business programme, events are held in parallel at two venues. The first of them, Food Industry Leaders Forum, is dedicated to the exchange of experience and solutions to urgent problems facing retail, as well as presentations of fresh statistics and market trends with the participation of leading representatives of the industry.

As part of the programme for the chains commercial departments, Retail Academy hosts practical conferences on the development of categories: Fruits and vegetables, Ready meals and ultra-fresh, Confectionery, Dairy products and cheese, Healthy Food and Organics, Private labels.

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exhibition of food


  • Tasting competition «Product of the Year»

The Product of the Year competition is held annually as part of the WorldFood Moscow exhibition. The purpose of the competition is to identify and announce the best quality food products on the Russian market within 19 nominations.

  • WorldFood ORGANIC Contest

WorldFood ORGANIC is a contest aimed at developing the organic in dustry in Russia. The awards are given in 4 categories to companies that have shown leadership and a new vision in promoting the goals of the organic movement in Russia.

The organizers of the competition are the WorldFood Moscow exhibition and the National Union of Producers and Consumers of Organic Products. In 2023, the Organica Foundation will become the co-organizer of the competition for the second time.

  • Culinary show «Culinary marathon»

Especially for the project, a real kitchen will be built on the site, where professional chefs will prepare original dishes from the products of the exhibitors in real time in front of an audience of spectators and hold open tastings.

In 2023, EFKO became the General Partner of the Culinary Marathon.

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  • Category days with special events with tastings:

    • Day 1 — cheese festival with special events and product promotion.
    • Day 2 is meat day. The battle between plant-based and traditional meats on stage.
    • Day 3 — tea and coffee day with barista competition.
    • Day 4 is chocolate day. The best chocolate art.
  • HoReCa 360. A special area organized with the support of FRIO for buyers from the HoReCa segment with special events:

    • Wine exposition with the support of FRIO with a tasting area
    • Educational program for chefs
    • Bar show
    • Tea and coffee tastings
    • HoReCa in retail
    • Special Award
  • Retail Lounge: a special closed area for key buyers from federal and regional networks, as well as buyers from the largest HoReCa networks, where they can hold meetings with manufacturers, as well as negotiate with partners and get access to exclusive exhibition services.

  • Food trucks, franchises: a one-stop service so that any entrepreneur can open their own food truck or buy a ready-made franchise (consultations on launching outlets in the food truck format).

  • Purchasing sessions with buyers from foreign, federal, regional networks and HoReCa enterprises: a predetermined product interest will allow you to choose for negotiations the most interested in your products customers.

  • Modern solutions for organizing work at the exhibition: professional social network WorldFood Connect with the ability to make appointments and communicate with the target audience throughout the year.

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food exhibitions 2023

Cover all distribution channels for food products and get the opportunity to comprehensively solve business problems at WorldFood Moscow 2023