Russian organic and healthy food market: 2023 results and 2024 outlook

The Russian organic and health food market continues to show strong growth rates

Despite the difficulties and external challenges facing the Russian organic and healthy food market, it continues to grow dynamically. This is influenced by factors such as the spread of healthy lifestyles, increased attention to personal health following the coronavirus pandemic, and government support for agricultural producers and the food industry.

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What was 2023 like for the organic and healthy food market?

Last year, the Russian organic and healthy food market maintained the growth rates of recent years - around 10% per year. This is in line with global trends: by 2025, organic products are expected to account for up to 5% of the global agricultural products market. Demand for natural products is driven primarily by Russians' desire to take care of their own health: public opinion polls show that around 75-80% of respondents try to lead a healthy lifestyle, around 70% monitor their health and undergo regular check-ups, and around 60% try to eat right. Consumers with an income of RUB 100,000 or more per month are the main consumers of natural foods.

According to the Union of Organic Agriculture estimates, by the end of 2023, the total number of certified organic agricultural producers in Russia will exceed 180 companies. Of course, this is not so much against the background of world figures (more than 4.5 million producers), but for Russia, this is a fairly new story, while in the world, this direction has been developing for a very long time. In 2023, the number of organic certificates issued in Russia increased by 18% compared to 2022. The leading position in this aspect is occupied by crop production, accounting for 53% of the issued certificates.

According to the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies of Human Potential of RANEPA, 23% of the total production of such products are cereals, bakery products, and grain, 22% are vegetables, fruit, and beverages, and 13% are dairy products.

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Trends of 2024 in the organic and healthy food sector

The trend of growing demand for natural products will continue in 2024. According to Lyudmila Spiridonova, Executive Director of the NAFI Analytical Centre, "over the past year and a half we have seen a growing trend towards rational consumption and environmental awareness among Russians." This is confirmed by the results of a survey conducted by the Anketolog Institute of Public Opinion: more than 80% of respondents are interested in new products for healthy nutrition.

Another relevant trend for 2024 is the continued growth in demand for plant-based meat and dairy alternatives. This applies to the largest producers of such products (EFKO Group, Romir) and to retailers' brands and marketplaces. In 2023, for example, Lenta and Ozon will launch new products in this segment. In 2024, we can expect similar products from other major market players.

It is impossible not to notice the growing attention of the state to this segment. The strategy for the development of organic production was adopted in 2023 and envisages a more than 12-fold increase in organic production by 2030 - up to 114.5 billion roubles - and a 6.5-fold increase in the area used for organic farming (up to 4.3 million hectares). The strategy also envisages a 6-fold increase in consumption of organic products by 2030 (up to 150 billion roubles) and a 7.5-fold increase in exports of such products (up to 28 billion roubles). In addition, in February 2024, the Russian government approved a plan to implement the strategy of organic production. According to this document, a separate segment of agriculture will be created in Russia, where only natural fertilisers will be used. As part of the plan, national standards will be developed and approved, and various support measures for organic producers will be created. Undoubtedly, one of the key objectives of government policy in this area is to increase the availability of organic products to the population. This can be achieved both by optimising costs and by increasing competition between market participants.

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Organic and healthy food at WorldFood Moscow exhibition

In 2023, 23% of visitors (4,707 people out of 20,115 professionals who visited WorldFood Moscow 2023) were interested in the products of the Organic and Healthy Food section at WorldFood Moscow. 189 companies presented in this section organic and bio products, honey, baby and diet food, sports and diabetic nutrition, gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan and farm products, dietary supplements, plant-based meat, plant milk and other organic and healthy food products.

Participation in the WorldFood Moscow exhibition is the solution to several key tasks facing businesses. It provides an opportunity to familiarise oneself with current and future trends in the industry, allowing businesses to take them into account when developing a development strategy. Secondly, producers can present their products to the target audience – specialists in retail and wholesale trade, as well as in the catering segment – and assess the market prospects of their product line. Thirdly, exhibitors can conclude contracts with new clients and partners directly on the site. You can also present your organic products and healthy food at the 33rd International Autumn Food and Drink Exhibition WorldFood Moscow.

WorldFood Moscow 2024 will take place on 17-20 September at Crocus Expo IEC, Pavilion 3.


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