Gastronomic trends 2024

What will consumers be eating this year?

According to a study by the NAFI Analytical Center, the most common foods in the Russian diet are vegetables. 46% of consumers eat them almost every day. Second and third places are occupied by dairy products and sweets: 36% of citizens consume them daily. But along with the most common products in the diet, there are also trends that shape the appearance of the gastronomic culture of the current year. We will tell you in this article which food products will gain popularity among consumers in 2024.

Functional Products

The trend for healthy eating has not disappeared and continues to gain momentum. Despite the fact that 59% of Russians would rather prefer tasty products than healthy ones, consumers have nevertheless become more careful about their health, so more and more attention is being paid to the composition of products and their nutritional value. In this regard, functional foods enriched with vitamins, minerals and additives beneficial to the body are becoming especially popular.

Plant analogues

Today, plant-based analogues of our usual food products find themselves in the basket of not only vegans and vegetarians, but also those who seek to diversify their diet or reduce their consumption of animal products. According to a study by Innova Market Insights, from 2020 to 2023, sales of ready-to-eat meals that claim to be “plant-based” or “vegan” grew by 8% per year. Both plant-based meat and plant-based fish, which are made from legumes, nori seaweed and olive oil, are becoming increasingly common.

mushroom coffee


Mushrooms have been popular among consumers for many years. From 2018 to 2023 the annual increase in the number of dishes containing mushrooms as an ingredient was 12%. This trend is expected to continue in 2024, including through new ways to use mushrooms in cooking. One such way is making mushroom coffee. According to fans of this drink, regular coffee mixed with medicinal mushrooms such as lion's mane relieves stress, improves immunity and supports heart health.


This may seem surprising to the Russian consumer, but experts say that in 2024, buckwheat will become a real superfood on the world stage. Buckwheat, rich in protein, fiber and carbohydrates, will be eaten not only in its usual format, but also in the form of products prepared on its basis. Buckwheat bread, buckwheat milk, burgers with buckwheat cutlets - almost anything can be made from buckwheat.

Natural sweeteners

Reducing sugar consumption is a current trend for the Russian market. Conscious of their health, consumers are increasingly looking for alternatives to sugar when they want to sweeten baked goods or drinks. For this reason, natural sweeteners such as honey or agave nectar are becoming more popular due to their lower glycemic indexes. In addition, the introduction of excise taxes on sugar-sweetened beverages encourages manufacturers to use low-calorie sweeteners more often.

Edible plants

Edible herbs, roots and flowers are rarely consumed just like that. But, experts say, plants will increasingly be added as ingredients to dishes to make them more healthy and give them an unusual taste. Beverages, granola, yogurt, pizza dough and more - the culinary options to which you can add a variety of herbs, roots and flowers are endless.

Sweet and spicy dishes

In 2024, interest in spicy and at the same time sweet tastes will grow. People's need to enjoy the idea of "sweet heat" can be satisfied with the help of spicy-sweet seasonings, sauces and peppers. Spicy pastries will become especially popular. Chocolate with the taste of hot pepper will no longer surprise anyone. But you can still make a traditional sweet cake with some hot seasonings like chipotle or cayenne pepper.

cake with pepper

Food trends for 2024 represent an interesting combination of health awareness and taste experimentation. From functional foods rich in vitamins to unique plant-based alternatives to familiar dishes and mushroom coffee, the culinary world promises to be exciting and eventful this year. Buckwheat, becoming a superfood, reveals its potential in various formats, and natural sweeteners and edible plants add not only taste, but also benefits to culinary creations. The final chord in the form of spicy-sweet dishes emphasizes the desire of consumers for pleasure and experimentation in the field of gastronomy.

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